DURINI & GUERRERO Is a firm of lawyers formed by a dedicated team of professionals whose main purposes are to provide comprehensive and specialized legal services in various areas of the law; the strong support and sponsorship of the interests and requirements of our clients; and, the permanent work, executed within the more demanding parameters of governance, transparency and efficiency.

We have daily evaluations of the intention, and needs of our customers; we analyze deeply relevant legal norms, confronting them with reality; and, of course, attached to ethical and moral principles, we identify with precision, but above all with conviction and confidence, the appropriate way that each case demands.

Our priority is to serve our customers, channeling their requirements through a committed truthful, professional, personalized and responsible service. We try to display the appropriate legal framework that its initiatives, projects and businesses need in order to adequately protect their interests and build strong and innovative legal scenarios that enable solutions to these problems and prevent possible future conflicts.

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